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NC Cutting Machine

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NC Cutting Machine

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This machine introduces the foreign advanced technology and the craft, uses the import screw (or the rack) and the square guide rail and so on high performance parts, the application CAD chart rolls out a new idea glass cutting machine.It has the function of good stability, high precision, multi-cutting at the same time, and all the function indexes reach the standard.It can meet the cutting requirements of cosmetic mirror glass, furniture glass, mirror glass, round glass, clock glass, craft glass and other different kinds of glass.


Equipment performance

1.Cutting and processing of straight line or profiled graph according to user requirements.Cut graphics can be imported into AUTOCAD graphics.

2,The table with air floating function.

3,X, Y, Z axis transmission and positioning using Taiwan linear guide rail and imported rack, software cutting repeated positioning accuracy 0.05mm, easy pressure adjustment, good cutting quality.