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Multi-function Glass Cutting Table

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Multi-function Glass Cutting Table

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Building glass, automobile glass, craft glass, round glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass coated glass, home appliance glass, solar glass, kitchenware glass, bathroom glass, lens, craft glass, mirror glass and other glass cutting operations.


Basic Performance

This machine can automatically film and cut, and can be directed by remote control to walk freely in the workshop, saving manpower, safe and risk-free, advanced mechanical structure supporting zhongbaolun or micro-sensitive cutting and system optimization software, greatly improving the stability of the cutting machine and glass cutting quality and optimization rate.Realize glass automatic loading, automatic cutting, automatic positioning, automatic optimization and breaking operation.



This machine covers a small area, simple and safe operation, high speed and precision, can be used in the workshop using the remote control to command its walk at will, cost-effective high safety, high cutting rate, good stability, full functions, more labor-saving.


Mechanical Parameters

Upper limit of cutting glass size:3750*2600mm

Table height:900±50mm.

Equipment weight:3.3T.

Cutting thickness:2~19mm


Cutting Parameters

Line parallelism:0.20mm/m

Diagonal accuracy:0.20mm/m

(The above precision is subject to the cutting line precision before breaking the piece)

Cutting bridge speed:0~160m/min.(Adjustable)

Cut bridge acceleration≥3.0m/s²

Tool holder speed≥150m/min

Tool holder acceleration≥6.0m/s²

Air flotation transmission

Positioning error of cutting head≤0.15mm


Power supply/Power:

Installation power requirements:380V/50HZ

Actual power of equipment:19.9KW

Compressed air:0.6PA