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XPJ-300 Glass Unloading Machine

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Brief Introduction:

Suitable for moving insulating glass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, on-site construction of glass deep processing and solar pho- tovoltaic glass. It can select DC charging vacuum pump, equipped with battery device.

Maximum bearing capacity is 300 Kg, Max. glass size can reach to 4m(Length)×2.5m(width). Suitable for high-temperature (below 300 degree) glass.

It can turn the glass 0-90 degree, 0-180 degree

Equipment composition:

Equipment Main Frame/Equipment Rotary System/Equipment Adsorption System//Mechanical Reversal System

Mechanical configuration

Flip cylinder: Airtac(Taiwan) Vacuum Generator: Pisco(Japan)

Vacuum sucker: Imported green butadiene rubber

Pneumatic Original

Check valve: SMC(Japan)

Up and down cylinder: Airtac(Taiwan) Pneumatic components: Airtac(Taiwan)

Technical parameter:

1) Processing Glass Size Range: Minimum Size: 450*500mm Maximum size: 2000*2500 mm

2) Processing glass thickness: 3-19 mm.

3) Period: 20-90 seconds (adjustable)

4) Maximum upload: 300KG.

5) Number of sucker arms: 4 arms.

6) Number of single-arm suckers: one.

7) Column height: 4000 mm, rocker arm length 3500 mm.

8) Vacuum pressure: -0.1-0.4 Kpa (adjustable according to glass thickness)

Technical description

1) Turn-over mode: Cylinder-type turn-over, fast operation, stable operation, without any jitter, can meet the 3-19 mm glass stripping.

2) Flip angle: 95-110 degrees adjustable. The utility model can meet the use of glass frame with various angles.

3) Induction device: The use of a pneumatic travel switch control can effectively eliminate the safety accidents caused by induction failure.

4) Adsorption device: The suction cup adopts advanced multi-layer adsorption structure, and the suction piece is more solid, thus eliminating the defect of air leakage caused by the breakage of the outer layer of the suction cup.

5) Suction cup control: Each suction cup has a separate valve for on-off control. It can freely select the number of suction cups to facilitate the operation of glass sheets of various sizes.

6) Operation mode: Manual mode, easy to operate and intuitive.