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Importance of pretreatment for small-scale steelmaking furnace

更新时间:2019-08-26 点击数:348

Importance of pretreatment for small-scale steelmaking furnace

After glass is tempered (half) in a small tempering furnace, the internal stress is produced and can not be processed any more. Therefore, cutting, grinding and drilling of glass need to be processed before heat treatment of glass.

Cutting quality of glass plays an important role in the process of glass tempering. Small tempering furnace manufacturers say that poor cutting quality directly leads to glass breakage in tempering process. For example, when the cutter head pressure is too high, there will be tiny cracks in the glass. These tiny cracks will cause the glass to break in the tempering cooling process of the small tempering furnace.

At the same time, the quality of edge grinding is also very important. If the thin edge is of good quality, the glass can be heated at a lower temperature in a small tempering furnace. As a result, the optical properties of the glass are better and it rarely breaks during tempering. For example, 8mm white glass with polished and polished edges can be heated at a lower furnace temperature of 15-20 degrees than that with rough edges, and the tempered glass has a better quality (less corrugation and warpage at the edge).

In conclusion, the quality of pretreatment equipment also affects the quality of glass processed by glass tempering furnace. When purchasing steel equipment, customers also need to ensure that the quality of pretreatment equipment matches the quality of steel equipment.