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What is the selection method of glass tempering furnace

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What is the selection method of glass tempering furnace

Now society is developing rapidly. At the same time, science and technology are constantly innovating. No matter what kind of goods, there are more choices. How to choose the glass tempering furnace as an important equipment for glass production?

Customers should first choose well-known brands in the industry in the choice of glass tempering furnace. Because the well-known brands are some big manufacturers, in technology research and development, production lines and services will have their own characteristics of a set of processes. Of course, the dive equipment can also be customized and debugged according to the needs of customers, so customers will save a lot of attention.

Because the choice of convection surface and convection process can be used as an important basis for the selection of glass tempering furnace. It is an important factor for the performance and cost of products.

At present, glass tempering furnace is divided into full convection and semi-convection modes. However, there are also some high temperature convective fans used in convection steelmaking furnaces in the market. As a result, the number of fan is small, the fan is side-mounted and the diversion box is small. Fluid resistance, or incomplete convection, cross wind, there will be hot air circulation will be affected. When the heating efficiency is low, the glass quality will be affected.

In the choice of glass tempering furnace equipment, we also need to choose a market and demand for glass. In the market, we should choose the mainstream tempering furnace such as bending steel, plain steel and so on. At the same time, we should also consider its functions. The equipment can temper online glass, Low-E glass, ultra-white glass, embossed glass, stained glass and so on.