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Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

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Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

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Major function

1.optimize layout

2.automatic stripping

3.production database

4.high-speed quartz tube heating

5.belt conveyor

6.Chinese and English interface


Basic performance

1.Equipment size7000*4100*1450mm 

2.Cutting the maximum length3700mm

3.Cuting the minimum length250mm

4.Glass thickness3+3—10+10mm

5.The thickness of laminated glass0.38mm—1.52mm

6.Cutting speed100m/min

7.Glass positioningmechanical positioning/photoelectric positioning

8.Work table height900±50mm


Install power

1.Total power15KW

2.Install power380V/50HZCan be customized according to user requirements 

3.Minimum air pressure0.8MPa


Working glass precision

1.Positioning accuracy±0.25mm

2.Straight line cutting accuracy±0.30mm

3.Parallel precision0.20mm

4.Diagonal accuracyArea less than 2M2):0.5mm


Appliance configuration

1.GALIL Move controller

2.Japan Fuji servo motor Fuji driver

3.SMC Precision pneumatic controller

4.Delta inverter

5.Panasonic fiber amplifier

6.OMRON switching power supply

7.Low voltage component Schneider